Have a QuickBooks Tune Up Now Or You’ll Hate Yourself Later

You don’t know this but I already wrote about this, and it’s gone,  just goes to show you that I am an accountant and not a journalist! So here we go again, because I feel this is really important.

Here at LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, Inc., Linda has been using Quickbooks since the first version came out. So, she has learned the in’s and out’s of Quickbooks. She understands the errors that can occur in Quickbooks and how to correct them.  That is why it is so very important to have a Quickbooks Tune-Up.

Once a quarter, you need to have your Quickbooks Tune-Up done.  LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, Inc. will go through your Chart of Accounts,  Profit & Loss Report and the Balance Sheet, and all your lists to be sure the lists and Chart of accounts are working together for good reports.

This will also help you to know if your bookkeeper needs more training on Quickbooks or on Bookkeeping.   With having a Quickbooks Tune-Up you can be sure that you are ready for your CPA.  The biggest complaint I get from CPA’s is that the balance sheet is incorrect every year for taxes, so let us at LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, Inc. help to bring a smile to your CPA’s face, with a nice balance sheet.