Payroll Services

Linda was trained with ADP and worked with ADP for 5 Years.  ADP, (Automated Data Processing) is the largest Payroll processing company in the World.

Payroll can be issued: Weekly, Semi-Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly

Payroll can be direct Deposit or live checks

Payroll checks can be delivered

With your payroll you will receive your payroll reports, and the bottom of the payroll stubs. Your employee’s have the option to go on-line and print off their payroll stubs. The amount of funds to be transferred to EFTPS (941) for the payroll taxes will be filed at the appropriate time. You will receive notice of the amount and we can also submit your states withholding EFT at the same time.

Pay Employees
LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Service, Inc. enters hours worked and get instant paycheck calculations with earnings, payroll taxes, and deductions. Then LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Service, Inc. will print paychecks or use Direct Deposit (additional fees apply throug Intuit).

Pay Payroll Taxes
Payroll Enhanced calculates federal and state payroll taxes. It keeps track of what your company owes and reminds LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, Inc. when to pay. When the taxes are due, LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, Inc. can e-pay federal taxes. LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, Inc.  can also e-pay in many states.

Our team of compliance professionals works with tax authorities to keep your payroll tax rates up-to-date.

File Payroll Tax Forms
LB Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, Inc.  automatically fills in the latest federal and most state payroll tax forms.

New Hire Reporting Program
New hire reporting is the process by which you, as an employer, report information on your newly hired employees to a designated state agency shortly after the date of hire. New hire reports are matched against child support records at the state and national levels to locate parents who owe child support. This is especially helpful for interstate cases (in which one parent lives in a different state from his or her child), which are often the most difficult cases for states to resolve. This law was established when President Clinton was in offce.  So, yes we have to do it.